Ye Olde Sturbridge Village: a made-uppe historie


We hope ye have enjoyedde this excitingge trip back in-to the historie of Ye Olde Sturbridge Village, and that ye will continue to thrille to these amazing stories of yester-year America again and again. Similarlie, we hope that ye will repeatedlie patronize the afore-mentionedde Ye Olde Sturbridge Village Chrono-celerator, to be situatedde at the heart of Ye Olde Sturbridge Village Lande, a dynamick newe familie-friendlie get-away with thrillingge roller-coasters, excitingge fast-foode restaurants, and also a historicalle laser shew. Constructionne is expectedde to be completedde in MMXXXVI.

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Did not understand premise of book. Am un-versed in sarcasme. Please send more informationne on ironie.

Am well-versed in sarcasme, but found book uninteresting none-the-less. Grewe tiredde of readingge clearlie false “olde tyme” spellingges. Please send funnier book.

Did not actuallie read book. Found pictures too captivatingge as colors distract me. Eventuallie became boredde as pictures did not move. Please send Ritalin™.

Never mind the book. Am attempting to make bechamel sauce, but do not have all the proper ingredients. Please send more milk.

Book was okay, but attempt to squeeze one last droppe of humor out of endingge via mock consumer survey did not go over well. Please send new ending, preferablie one not written at the last moment.

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