Ye Olde Sturbridge Village: a made-uppe historie


Since the dawn of time, man has sought to preserve the quainte buildings of yore. This was as true in earlie America as it is to-day.

To that end, the towne of Ye Olde Sturbridge Village was built in Newe England around the turn of the XIXth centurie. Its purpose was to serve as a “living museum” for the citi-zens of the future, shewing them how earlie Americans lived, played, and loved. Un-fortunately, Ye Olde Sturbridge Village was wiped out by a hurricanne in the late MDCCCLs.

Although we can-not actuallie visit the original in-habitants of Ye Olde Sturbridge Village in their livingge form, we have many photo-graphs that they left behind, a few of which are presented in this book along with explanatorie texte.

Thy purchase of this book not only brings thee many treasured hours of historicalle fact-oids and lushe photo-graphie, it provides funding for the Ye Olde Sturbridge Village Chrono-celerator project, the goal of whiche is a working “time machine” capable of transporting paying tour-ists back to the village's “hey-daye”.

On be-half of all the scientistes and historiannes working on this project, as well as the divers de-ceased residents of Ye Olde Sturbridge Village, I thank thee.


Thomas Jefferson Toffee